James was invited to present Jellyfish at the ‘Save The Children’ headquarters in London this week at a special preview for the employees of the charity. The screening was a great success and James said…

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to have the opportunity to present Jellyfish at Save The Children. It is a very important charity, doing very important work, and it is incredibly rewarding to have received such positive feedback from professionals who are engaged in supporting vulnerable young people like Sarah, in the real world.”

Employees of Save The Children were bowled over by the film and compelled to share their feedback…

London Office:

“What an amazing film! Oh so many emotions whilst watching it ☹😢😡😂😞 really powerful and totally relevant to our work. Really highlights the importance of breaking the cycle of poverty, the importance of protective factors and their effectiveness (or lack of) and the impact of parents mental health / role of professionals in safeguarding and just how vulnerable children are... amazingly portrayed 👍🏼”.

“What an impactful film! I am trying to match and connect some of the children’s voices that we heard in our recent consultations in Margate. It reminds of this one child who said, “Mom says going to dreamland is expensive! 😭”.

“That was truly brilliant. Story and general film wise - but most of all for it’s genuine power at telling such a hard story so well. That’s going to stay with me”. 

“I thought the film was absolutely fantastic and incredibly insightful. It is impressive that they managed to create something that is both heart-breaking and at times hilarious – and in the least bleak way possible, I am glad that Sarah didn’t end up leaving Margate in the end – I think this had a much greater impact, both revealing her vulnerability and demonstrating her strength.”

Manchester Office:

 “It was a really powerful film and a true life portrait of the complexities that many families living in poverty may face. There are so many issues that a family may hide well. Plenty of food for thought. I hope many people in influential positions watch this film”.

 Wales Office:

“The content was harrowing but the quality of both the photography and acting was a treat for a Wednesday afternoon. A real reminder for me of the power of the arts (to do so many things) but on this occasion to convey a message”. 

You can find out more about the great work Save The Children do on their website by clicking here.