What is Jellyfish?

Jellyfish is the debut feature by British writer/director James Gardner.

What's it about?

Jellyfish is the story of a young carer, SARAH TAYLOR (15) who discovers an unlikely talent for stand-up comedy.

So, it's a comedy?

Not exactly. Jellyfish deals with some pretty heavy issues, and while it is certainly funny, it's fundamentally a drama.

And who's making it?

You can find out more about the filmmakers by following the link in the navigation bar above.

Right on. Can I see it yet?

Work on the film is now complete and it will have its world premiere in 2018.

But when in 2018?

Follow us on Facebook for updates or if you have any festival, sales or distribution queries, you can contact our international sales agent, Bankside Films, by clicking here. Alternatively you can contact us directly using the form at the bottom of the page.

Can't wait.

Us neither.

A teenage carer discovers a hidden talent for stand-up comedy.


Between being bullied at school, put upon by her overbearing boss at the local arcade and having to
look after her younger brother, sister and manic-depressive mother, life isn’t easy for Sarah Taylor [15]. 

However, when Sarah’s drama teacher channels her ferocious and volatile energies in to a stand-up
comedy routine for the graduation showcase, Sarah discovers that she may have a hidden talent.

As her love for comedy grows and the showcase draws nearer, the delicate balance in her life becomes
increasingly difficult to maintain. Little by little the walls start to close in, ultimately forcing her to choose
between her responsibilities as a carer and her newfound passion for comedy.


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