We have been sent some very special reviews from a group of young carers in Warwickshire. We are humbled and grateful for your feedback, which means more to us than any other we have received.


“I’ve never related more to a film in my life. Mental health can be hard on the individual, but also just as hard for the individual who is caring for them. It really emphasised the struggles of finding balance in life as a carer & how everything has a knock-on effect, & although you are the person that everyone needs, you’re the last person on your own mind. When you have siblings as well it means you’ve got to look out for them too & try to protect them as much as you can & try not to let them feel what you feel & keep them from harms way. You try not to let them see what you’re feeling, be a brick wall, be positive, just plod on & pretend everything is ok. Very heart felt. It was good that they didn’t hold back & try to pretend that everything was all sunshine, unicorns & rainbows. No sugar coating. It was just a young carer’s reality.”
Shannon, Young Adult Carer – age 19

“The film Jellyfish was a really good film. People are saying that nobody would be in that situation, but they are.”
Katie, Young Carer – age 15

“The film was very hard to watch as I had so much in common. I was in tears half the time! It perfectly shows the hard lifestyle of a proper carer & how poverty & worry can affect their choices & experiences. Although it was very hard-hitting that might just be due to our empathy with the character.”
Poppy, Young Carer – age 15

“I could relate to Sarah when she had to take care of her younger siblings, which I do to help my mum. I have 5 younger siblings so I understand how things can get stressful & hard, but you just have to carry on.”
Amy, Young Carer – age 15