Liv named in Indiewire's 'Best Debut Movie Performances of All Time'

Liv has been named in Indiewire's 'Best Debut Movie Performances of All Time' critic's poll by Danielle Solzman. Danielle said...

"The best debut performance that I’ve seen was Liv Hill in Jellyfish during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. It was her first feature film. Hill starred as high school student Sarah Taylor. She more or less becomes a second mother to her younger siblings. Liv gracefully handles the role, which sees her getting bullied by classmates in her drama class.  Even though the film was produced before the whole #MeToo era started, there are men in the film who abuse their power. This is beside the point. Liv had never performed stand-up comedy before agreeing to do the role and yet here she is on stage performing stand-up comedy using her truth as the basis for a routine. Sarah is such a vulnerable character but shows that she’s not afraid of being silent. I saw a lot of raw talent in Liv Hill’s performance, and I can’t wait to see Liv take the world by storm."

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